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ITEM # 105

Item#105 video box * Getting on the Internet the right way
* A permanent e-mail address + others
* Six ways to make $$ on the internet
* Finding an attractive domain name
* Selecting a website hosting service
* Webhosting company -vs- server
* Designing a workable commercial site
* Do's & Don'ts of website design
* Proper use of source code meta-tags
* Marketing your site - Registration
* The internet affiliate programs
* Exchanging links & advertising
* Customer service & fulfillment
* Merchant services (payment plans)
* Almost one hundred website examples
* Is broadband a necessity for you?



      Creating a profitable internet website is an challenging task, considering the fact that you'll be asking strangers all over the world to give you their money.
      Magic Lamp Productions' Gene Grossman has been creating commercial websites for his own video/DVD titles since 1996 and presently (2009) has at least ninety-five domains with over 2,700 separate pages on his servers, drawing customers from Australia to Zambia.
      The main benefit of watching this DVD before you etch your plans in stone is to learn from the mistakes that Gene made... and he readily admits that he made almost every one possible. The positive suggestions he makes during this hour and a half are all as the result of his learning the hard way - by making the mistakes and then paying for them by re-working his pages. If for no other reason, this program is worth watching just for the section on "DOs & DON'Ts" of making a commercial website.

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