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#101: "CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY" ...More than one million people will fall desperately into debt this year and should very seriously consider this wonderful federal program to help them erase their debts and quite possibly keep most of their assets. Professional Bankruptcy attorneys take you through a complete client interview, answering the most asked questions about different types of Bankruptcy, how it may or may not affect your Home, Car, Savings, Pension, Debt Collectors, Judgments, Tax Liens and much, much more. 90 min....$39.95

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#102: "PREPARING FOR YOUR DEPOSITION" ...Unfortunately, each year millions of people get involved in civil lawsuits as Plaintiffs, Defendants and merely as witnesses. No matter what your level of participation is, the laws of civil discovery will allow either side to ask that you appear in front of a court reporter, be sworn in and have your testimony taken under oath in what is called a DEPOSITION. This video is invaluable in showing you how to conduct yourself and answer the questions properly. Numerous skits acted out....$39.95

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#400: "MAINTAINING A CLIENT TRUST ACCOUNT" [for Attorneys only] ...As a member of your State’s Bar Association and/or the ABA, you probably receive monthly literature that includes information about disciplinary actions against members who have been found to be in violation of the Rules concerning Client Trust Accounts. If you want to make sure that you (or one of your office staff) doesn’t make some stupid mistake that can cause you to lose your license, PLEASE watch this video. MCLE approved in CA....$39.95

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